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Dec 2, 2012 5:30am EST
leopard detail and see bread detail as well as a floral, it is a set , natural, blue, burgundy rosa where paine the shipping and handling as well as offering of 4 flexible payments. 172-211 and you can ask about the serengeti 10 piece comforter said. + available, also a great gift and--set ul way to give you ambience without written about fire oriflamme it is the highgate manor set of 2 flameless candles, the company wide variety of candles, not and they are available for $20 a comes with a universal remote. batteries are included and i love these with a dimmers to you can change the level. and >>guest: 3¢. of 2 under $206 c13 your favorite color and enjoy. also available from highgate manor we will move on and this is where allegros love this of reaching through the screen. i was on the air showing you agree electronics and she said this has to go on right now because this is sunday morning and everybody needs a phenomenal set for a great price. if anybody loveseat handled and, if it is light, i am being hugged. ed >>guest: it is this a desiccated design element it is a customer pi
Dec 3, 2012 6:45am EST
an hour every five minutes to put the cake together and bake it. >>host: remember an artist rosa's all addlls this all. >>guest: that is why we do things their unique and different with all the artists and we have an you to take a look at this buthis is mondayfonda on top of sunday and everything is thought otop of fonda.this is all hand caught up caughtcut out >>host:when you get these out as guess you are giving some think this much more special than if you were to go to eight local bakery. >>guest: the fonda will actually keep the moisture inside. >>host:you get 14 servings and there isese are great. thank you so much callie you are so right you are so great as you will be back later this afternoon. [commercial] [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: all right to take a look of businesses editor's pick for the gourmets retailer best new-product this thing is amazing is called choxcard and have you ever had that situation where someone shows and you do not have a gift for choxcard is perfect for a just in time gift. you will receive six of these top cards embedded is basically it is
Dec 3, 2012 11:00pm EST
by peter king, rosa dora, joe runyan and frank lobiondo. i've been happy we've been joined by representative smith and we will end this order continue. i want to say for those who just came, we are making a record eyewitness account of what happened in world so using your testimony as a way to guide us while we rate the water resources go to do with flood control and prevention. the order now is in goal, grim, courtney smith. congressman engel, the floor is yours. >> thank you, none chairman. it's nice to see graduates from the house was the lone senate. >> paternoster graduated. i laughed. >> as you know, i represent the 17th district which is the politics for bronx just north of new york city. sin is the largest tropical system ever recorded in the atlantic to stretch a hundred and 11 miles and she whispered a the very beginning. and because so many people in the caribbean including 54 in haiti and 11 in cuba and october 29, crashed ashore the united states. it seemed he had taken 131 american lives which included 53 new yorkers. in the new york city region, madam chair,
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3